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A Case of Alopecia by Dr Zachariah George

Alopecia is the condition commonly sean in youngsters wth tension depression or increased occupational pressure. Usually treated by steroid injection at the site, which has a guarantee of 6months to 1 year. This condition can be effectively treated by Homeopathy with a guaratee that wil not recur again. Hundreds of such cases are treated in Homeopathic clinics and Hospital with 100% success rate. One such case is preseted here with support of picture.

Image 1

The Patient “X” is aged 35 and he is a manual labour came without a single hair in his body (Alopecia Universalis). The disease started appearing at the age of 32 and treated by different systems of medicine in vein. The first picture is taken after 3months of treatment where slight development is scan only in the scalp. The second picture shows the development after 6 months where hair all over the body has appeared back as the patient was ar the age of 30.

Image 2

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